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LUNA Launching....

I just got a copy of the first book from Harlequin's new line Luna. Matrice seems excited as all get out that her hard work has finally come to fruition. "It's real!" she says in the opening line of the accompanying letter. *g* And I think the book looks great. I've sold 9 books to this line in the last year (my goodness!) and seen cover art for the first two to be released. So far it sounds as if my authors are *very* pleased (me too). The first book I sold to them is due out in June 2004, Anne Kelleher's SILVER'S EDGE. And in August, Laura Anne Gilman's STAYING DEAD. With more to follow. This is going to be fun...

They even have a quiz... Which Luna character are you?

While looking for links to cover art for either of the above-mentioned books.... I was amused by the following on Laura Anne's page:

"And then I went on a two week vacation to Italy. Halfway through it, I got an e-mail from my agent (all hail her!) saying "an offer is about to be made." And nothing more. My agent has a sadistic streak I had not been aware of before. " context found here. I like how my name is generally accompanied with the paranthetical. Neat.

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