Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

link salad (client edition)

* Congrats to Mike Shevdon for Road to Bedlam garnering the award from for Best SF/F Book of 2010!

* Signal boost: read about Ekaterina Sedia's new book, The House of Discarded Dreams. See the gorgeous cover! (I gave two copies of this as holiday gifts this year myself.)

* via Martha Wells - new blog The Night Bazaar, featuring authors debuting with Night Shade Books in 2011. Martha's book is The Cloud Roads. Also includes Kameron Hurley, author of God's War.

* C.E. Murphy offers her 2011 Irish Photography calendar. (I got the 2010 one as a gift last year, and loved it!)

Clients are starting to post for their Nebula and Hugo eligibility:

* Elizabeth Bear with bonus what's coming to bookstores near you this year
* Mary Robinette Kowal
* Jay Lake
* Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

And one last bit of holiday spirit via Teresa Wilde:


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