Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 188
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 2
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: fantasy, YA-fantasy

Oldest query currently in queue: 2/19/2010. I have sent replies to all queries received prior to this date. If you sent a query but did not receive a reply, either the query didn't reach me, or my reply was caught in your spam filter and/or eaten by the grue.

Still a little over 500 queries to go.

Still not opening unsolicited attachments (still not king).

Oddly if a query about a type of book I explicitly do not represent garners a reply indicating same (and I know a *lot* of agents who just delete without replying when this happens to them), re-sending that query a few weeks later when there has been no announcement indicating a new agenda to acquire said genre, will not change the result. All this does for me is to slow me down in getting to read the queries that do actually fall into categories that I'm interested in representing. What it indicates to me about the author is they don't care. Not about the other authors submitting. And, not about doing even the barest amount of research.

And speaking of research, an odd thing I've been noticing lately is when I get a query from someone that I think should have the instincts and skills to do it (e.g. they are an investigative journalist, they have many graduate degrees and prominently list their Ph.D.), but they very obviously have not done any. I saw somewhere recently a comment where a person said it had never occurred to them to google search the agent they were interested in sending a submission to.

I'm sure this is wasted on those who read agent blogs. They're out there doing the research, following the guidelines, and giving it 110%. I appreciate that every time I see it in a query. Thank you to those who do that.
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