Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

World Fantasy Awards

Congratulations to client Ekaterina Sedia AKA squirrel_monkey for Paper Cities winning the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology.

"Original genre anthologies have been a mixed bag in recent years, with an overreliance on established household names at the expense of nurturing new talent. At times, too restrictive themes have tended to create a sense of sameness. Not so with urban fantasy. As Jess Nevins points out in his excellent introduction, urban fantasy is "a mode of storytelling rather than a subgenre, and as such accommodates a variety of themes and approaches." This idea of variety, along with a willingness to publish new and established writers alike, helps explain the considerable appeal of this ambitious and entertaining anthology." --Jeff Vandermeer (in Publishers Weekly)

And congratulations to the winners in all the other categories.

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