Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

link salad (client edition)

Patricia Bray with a perspective on people giving away her books for free on the internet. Oh, she's okay with you loaning a book to a friend to get them hooked, but she does still want to make a living.

Mike Shevdon going on about his agent (hey - that's me!) and editor doing things other than just making the sale happen. Plus he has great news to share over on the Angry Robot site. [Note: Mike is a debut author who queried me as per the submission guidelines with the 5 pages; truly debut, not even a short story credit to be seen.]

Laura Anne Gilman with a few comments on the so-called Secret Push (cousin to the Secret Handshake). Interesting thoughts in post and comments on just getting the book done.

C.E. Murphy has joined the ranks of those ransoming work -- you can pledge and get a new Janx and Daisani story: Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.

Alison Kent reacting to a comment on a post on RTB about that recent hot-topic of reader entitlement. As she says, there's no crying in reading.

Ken Scholes is having a writing contest to give away ARCs of Canticle, the 2nd book in the Psalms of Isaak. Deadline this Friday 6/19.

I can never resist when my clients cook -- here's Ekaterina Sedia's Crepes recipe and filling recommendations.

Bonus link: Jay Lake on discussing faith in your writing. "Writers and critics and fans talk a lot about suspension of disbelief, but it seems to me that belief is far more important than disbelief."

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