July 7th, 2010


link salad (client edition)

25 Years of Spectra: Year 20 = Hammered by Elizabeth Bear (and I cannot believe it's only been five years since that was published....)

Tor.Com has a special Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy program for the Month of July, featuring many notables blogging and talking (via Laura Anne Gilman AKA suricattus, who will also be participating)

Genevieve Valentine's review of Eclipse (not safe for non-snark). "Mike speaks for all of us." I'd probably offer her representation based on this blog entry.

In case you missed it in yesterday's post: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are having a contest to bring in new readers of their Liaden series. Free non-DRM, open-platform e-books are on offer....

Mike Shevdon continues his posts on Tools for Writing with this one on FreeMind

Jay Lake makes me hungry for momos (where can I get yak meat for filling?) and talks about fried olives based on a dream he had. Hopefully more food-blogging to come and maybe even a someday cheese post (love his cheese posts). He also celebrated Jaycon X this past weekend -- many, many returns!

Bonus-non-client-link: Jeff Vandermeer on the future of publishing. In which I expect I will finally have to give up being a literary agent to open a BBQ joint. With an open-mic night for poetry.