May 21st, 2010


letters from the query wars 5/21/2010

# of queries read last week: 100
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 1
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: romance

# of queries read this week: 26
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: n/a

Last week's stats weren't posted because I was attending the very excellent PennWriters Conference and didn't have the opportunity. On account of this (and those aforementioned pesky wrist injuries reducing my keyboard time), I am also lagging a bit behind the 4 week response period listed on our website. The oldest query in my queue is 4/14/2010. I hope to be caught back up not too long after the upcoming BookExpo.

Meanwhile.... today's topic is multiple queries....

Part the First-- querying multiple agents at the same agency. As usual, your mileage may vary elsewhere, but, as our guidelines indicate, we don't wish to receive multiple queries at our agency.

Most particularly, if you feel the need to ignore this guideline, #1 - don't and #2 - don't leave my sig file pasted into the query you are forwarding to my associate after I have already declined.

Naturally, this does not apply if an agent, of their own volition, suggests you contact one of their colleagues. But otherwise, please just choose one of us.

Part the Second-- sending multiple queries for different projects simultaneously. I don't recommend it. This message brought to you by the letters "p" and "q" and receiving 3 queries from the same author for 3 different projects in less than 24 hours, and none of them with the first five pages. I advise choosing the best and strongest project with which to query. Please query only one project at a time.