May 7th, 2010


letters from the query wars 5/7/2010

# of queries read this week: 268
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 1
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: YA

400+ queries awaiting review
oldest query in the queue: 4/12/2010

Thanks to those who offered suggestions on submission guidelines last week. I'd be happy to entertain more, so if anyone has any further thoughts, please feel free to comment.

I've got an upcoming workshop in which I will talk about -- you guessed it, queries. My goal in this -- as it is with these posts -- is to help those sending queries to avoid common pitfalls and shoot for having their query be in the cream of the crop that garners requests. To that end, I try to look for patterns seen in queries that don't tend to work, as well as those that work quite well, and also anticipate questions people might have.

In the spirit of anticipation (and the possibility of finding future topics for this series of blog posts), if you were to attend such a workshop, what topics would you want to see addressed? And if there was time for Q&A at the end, what would you ask?