March 18th, 2010


happy release day

Shadow Mirror by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Unsettling. There's no better word to describe Miranda Barnes's ability to hear the cries of the dead, feel the wind move her hair when they run by, and—dare she look into a mirror—see the reflection of a ghostly woman behind her. There's only one person to turn to for support: Etienne. As sexy as he is mysterious, Miranda can't help but be drawn to him. He believes her; he wants to help her. But there's a secret in Etienne's past, something Miranda's on the verge of discovering. As paranormal activity escalates, passion grows, and soon Miranda is caught up in both love . . . and tragedy.

"Cusick gives the new-girl-in-town plot the Southern gothic treatment in this charming, atmospheric novel. The mystery is resolved satisfactorily, and the secondary characters are vividly drawn." Romantic Times (4 Stars) on Walk of the Spirits