February 2nd, 2010


happy re-release day

Today is the official publication day for Cherie Priest's Fathom in trade paperback.

"A decidedly dark departure from Priest's Eden Moore saga (Four and Twenty Blackbirds, etc.), this stand-alone novel is equal parts horror, contemporary fantasy and apocalyptic thriller. During a summer vacation to her aunt's coastal Florida home, innocent teen Nia sees her cousin Bernice commit a brutal murder and then get dragged into the ocean by a monstrous water witch. Nia becomes inadvertently entangled in a conflict between primordial creatures that endangers the very existence of humankind. Entombed in stone for countless years, Nia eventually emerges from her cocoon transformed, only to realize that an old god is close to awakening and destroying the world. Priest's haunting lyricism and graceful narrative are complemented by the solemn, cynical thematic undercurrents with a tangible gravity and depth. This is arguably her most ambitious—and accomplished—work to date." --Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Since Tor is part of Macmillan, it is not currently available from Amazon.

However, it is available from
B&N.com, currently offering the member price to all comers.
Or, Powell's
If you want signed copies of her books from the University Bookstore in Seattle, see these details.
Or check out IndieBound.org to find a bookstore near you.

Cherie Priest is also the author of:
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Tor, 2005)
Wings to the Kingdom (Tor, 2006)
Not Flesh Nor Feathers (Tor, 2007)
Dreadful Skin (Subterranean Press, 2007)
Boneshaker (Tor, 2009)
Those Who Went Remain There Still (Subterranean Press, 2009)
Clementine (Subterranean Press, 2010, now available for pre-order)