January 22nd, 2010


link salad (client edition)

Meant to post this earlier in the week, but it's been really busy. Didn't want to miss pointing these out, though--

There's Post a Story for Haiti at Crossed Genres. Clients of mine participating include: Jay Lake with Not Much of a War; Martha Wells' Houses of the Dead; and step-client Sarah Monette with The Half-Sister. if you enjoy the free stories and want to show your appreciation, please donate to a charity involved in the Haiti relief efforts. I recommend Doctors Without Borders.

Cherie Priest has a really informative post on What Authors Do and Don't Control. Comments on this post also interesting.

Jay Lake's The Larval Stages of the common American speculative fiction writer is tongue-in-cheek. And entertaining.

Not to be missed is Laura Anne Gilman's Lady or the Tiger post on her notes taken during a seminar on the Google Settlement that took place earlier this week.

letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 108
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 1
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: fantasy

Most confusing query this week -- the one that claims my webpage says I do not normally accept science fiction or fantasy...

So, a couple people took guesses on the # of queries I'd have on Monday morning after re-opening to queries on 1/15. And a couple people wanted to know the actual answer. My own guess was 196. Monday morning after email was sorted out, it was 169. Which represents Friday, Saturday, Sunday and ridiculously early Monday.

Thank you, mizkit - your guess made me laugh.

Yes, I did get one at exactly 12:00 AM on 1/15.

At this point, representing a week's worth of queries, the count now stands at 292. Which means, yes, based on the number above, I'm already lagging a bit.

Answering other questions posed....

....if you neglected to send a synopsis with your query (even if you said in the query that there was a synopsis), I still read the query and the pages and decided on that basis.

....on that issue of other questions about a synopsis and when it's requested, look for a post coming on the synopsis (the dreaded synopsis) in the near future.

....to those that asked about their pre-hiatus query. First, check your spam filters. I think everyone that has asked so far was sent a reply. Second, I have read - and responded to - all queries received prior to the hiatus. Which started on December 11 and ran up to January 15.