August 24th, 2009


other agents talk about time

On Friday's query wars post, I asked what a person would do with three magically donated extra hours if they were granted them?

Today, Agent Nathan Bransford reports on his mind-numbing email stats for the year so far. I'm not sure how many I've sent myself this year, but I know it's many thousands.

And, Colleen Lindsay laments her well-laid plans for a reading weekend when real life gets in the way.

Like Colleen, I got through about 100 queries this weekend. Like Nathan, I got close to that in this morning's weekend download. Like both of them, I love my job. But, also like both of them, I have to do mundane things like buy groceries. And I agree that we should have time for hobbies that aren't necessarily agent-related. Or read a book for fun.

In other agent linkage:

Rachelle Gardner is debunking agent myths today. I was particularly wide-eyed at #2.

And Janet Reid sure lost a heck of a lot of time this weekend.