June 1st, 2009


sweet sixteen

We could call this a surprise party because it sure surprises me to realize it: Today I've been an agent for 16 years! So virtual cupcakes all around. With some balloons and streamers thrown in.

In celebration... I will be giving away one ARC or book per day this week in a random drawing. All you have to do to enter is to comment on this entry (between now and Friday, 5pm EST) and tell me, in 20 words or more, about a book by one of my clients that you've read and whether you liked it or (fate forfend) not, and why. One entry per person, please. For a list of clients you can look at the sidebar of http://www.jenniferjackson.org/

Please be sure to leave your name in your comment if you are commenting anonymously, so I can announce the winner and get contact information.

Available ARCs/books:

Donna Ball, A Year on Ladybug Farm (trade edition)
Elizabeth Bear, Blood and Iron / Whiskey and Water (set of 2 paperbacks)
Anne Bishop, The Black Jewels Trilogy (omnibus trade edition)
Amanda Downum, The Drowning City (ARC)
Laura Anne Gilman, Flesh and Fire (ARC) - Tuesday winner: ruford42
Alison Kent, No Limits (paperback) - Thursday winner: empress_maeuve
Chris Knopf, Hard Stop (hardcover)
Jay Lake, Green (ARC) - Monday winner: peanut13171
Cherie Priest, Fathom (hardcover)
Laura E. Reeve, Peacekeeper (paperback)
Ken Scholes, Lamentation (hardcover)
Ekaterina Sedia, The Alchemy Of Stone (trade paperback)
Loreth Anne White, Manhunter (paperback)


#1 : Yes, as it happens, I was quite precocious and was an agent prodigy at a young age, say 12 or so.

#2 : Yes, I will mail the prizes internationally. Anyone is welcome to enter.

#3 : Yes, one prize per person.

#4 : Yes, if your comment has excessive spoilers, it will be screened. But it will still count as an entry.

#5 : Yes, I will add to this FAQ list if you have another question about the contest.

happy release day (and happy birthday)

In other news, this is also mizkit's birthday -- go here to wish her a happy one.

Also, the first three books in her Walker Papers series are now available in mass market, officially starting today:

Book 1: Urban Shaman
Book 2: Thunderbird Falls
Book 3: Coyote Dreams
Book 4: Walking Dead (coming this September)

Seattle police mechanic Joanne Walker has no use for the mystical, but it has a use for her. When a near-death experience awakens shamanic magic within her, she finds herself up against old Celtic gods and a murderer whose magic is greater than her own....

Read the first chapter of Book 1....