May 12th, 2009


some really great posting around the agent-sphere recently

*Agent Nathan Bransford's Hoops vs. Hints wherein it may be logical, knowing Nathan, to expect basketball metaphors -- there's some great insights including this one (which is something I've talked about myself on this blog -- the wacked power exchange that the supply and demand ratio of writers to agents creates):

I think what really rankles some authors is that it's time-consuming to keep up with all the rules, and they begin to feel like they're made to run around in circles trying to get everything right, while at the end of the day the agents may not even respond. I understand this feeling, and I'm very cognizant that this is part of the power imbalance between agents and the unpublished, which itself is a source of a lot of the angst of the query process.

*Agent Wendy Lawton on "Quitting the Day Job" with gems like:

There are too many variables and uncertainties to address the financial questions in anything other than a one-on-one setting. And even then, it’s impossible to plan.
But that’s not the only reason an agent hates to hear that a client is thinking of quitting his day job too early.There seems to be something about writing as a second job that makes the writer uber-productive. When you only have a couple of hours a day, those hours are golden. On the other hand, when the whole day stretches out before you, it’s easy to lunch with friends, play video games to “warm-up” and spend way too much time on the internet.

What do you think -- would too much time on your hands help or hinder your writing?

*Agent Rachelle Gardner talking about Questions to Ask an Agent when you get The Call. This is a pretty extensive list, and like Rachelle, I recommmend seeing how much homework you can do on your own to make the conversation as useful as possible to you in making your decision about representation. I'd also want to add that you should do some listening to *how* the agent talks about the book itself and whether their level of enthusiasm resonates with you. That may prove to be relevant further down the road toward publication.

Would love to hear your thoughts on some or all of these topics....