May 1st, 2009


happy release day

Today is the official relase day for Blood from Stone (Retrievers, Book 6)

"Gilman's sixth -- and hopefully not final! -- Retrievers novel is of a piece with the others -- paced at breakneck speed, compulsively readable and with a believable story. Wren continues to be a compelling protagonist, and her relationship with Sergei is as steady and as sure as her magic." --Romantic Times, 4 Stars

Also available:
Staying Dead (Retrievers, Book 1)
Curse the Dark (Retrievers, Book 2)
Bring It On (Retrievers, Book 3)
Burning Bridges (Retrievers, Book 4)
Free Fall (Retrievers, Book 5)


I'd also like to take this opportunity to mention Vamped by my friend Lucienne Diver (and no I'm not the agent for this one -- it's represented by the fabulous Kristin Nelson). Also a new release today!

letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 159
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 1
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: fantasy

still have about 350 queries in the queue waiting to be reviewed.....

Dear Authors:

I struggle with the concept of re-queries sometimes. On the one hand, people have been known to query prematurely to the detriment of their submission. People I currently represent originally sent me queries that I rejected, and therefore I have to believe that having an opportunity to make another connection isn't necessarily a bad thing (whether it's through a re-query or a meeting at a conference or whatever). Either a new query or a revised manuscript may be exactly what's needed and as an agent looking for the next new story to fall in love with, it's counter-intuitive to count that out.

However, with the advent of email queries (until just a few years ago, no one took queries by email, you know), it's become so easy to abuse the process. Some people re-query you in a few days. Some wait exactly a month to the day. Some appear to have not kept close enough track and are surprised when you tell them they queried that project before (actually happened last month). Of course, that presumes that I recognize it as a re-query (which given the numbers I may not) and/or the author identifies it as such. Some, of course, don't do any research at all and query for things their agent has listed on the website under "does not represent." Given the volume of queries (and the tide seems to have markedly risen this year), these types of things can really slow down response time. But I'm at a loss as to how to address it in any new and more efficient way.

Some questions for you....

How many times do you think it's okay to re-query an agent? (reference: Jessica Faust Please stop (As I said on Jessica's blog, I've now gotten this query from 4 different email addresses, and I think I'm up to about a dozen times, and it's been going on since October of last year.)

Do you think it's acceptable for an agent to blacklist an email address, and if so, at what point does that become a fair and reasonable response?

Under what circumstances would you re-query an agent (for the same project)?

Given that an agent gets hundreds of queries per week, do you think a re-query should get the same weight as a new query?

Any other thoughts on this that anyone wants to offer?