April 24th, 2009


letters from the query wars

From the week of 4/13 - 4/17

# of queries read: 162
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 6
genres of partials/manuscripts requested: fantasy (3), suspense (3)

Dear Authors:

As noted above, these stats are for the week ending on Friday the 17th. This was also the week I left for the aforementioned London Book Fair, so these were all read prior to my departure. While I was MIA and behind enemy lines, I did not have the opportunity to read any queries at all so I have no additional stats to post for this week (and a little over 300 queries in the queue).

Of those requested submissions above:
* One of the fantasy submissions is a revised full manuscript. The author spent approximately 4 1/2 months on revisions before contacting me to see if I would take another look.
* The other two fantasy submissions are partials that I requested based on the query (both of which followed the guidelines and included the first five sample pages). Both are for debut novels.
* The 3 suspense requests are all from the same author, who contacted me based on a referral from another agent. This author is previously published.

Assuming you had nothing else already in the queue from either clients or potential clients (ha!), based on that information alone, which one would you put first in triage? Or, what additional information would you need to make a decision?