March 30th, 2009


e-readers: which one?

Last month I asked if e-readers were all the rage. I wanted to know pro's and con's of owning them and using them to read. There were many helpful comments, but I'm still undecided. So, a poll:

Which e-reader would you buy?

Kindle 2
Sony PRS-505
Sony PRS-700
none of the above

Keep in mind that this is being considered from the point of view of reading manuscripts in a way that will decrease the back-breaking aspect of it. So, factors like note-taking and ability to port from computer to e-reader and back, have some weight.

Do feel free to comment on your choice, even if you pick "none of the above."

I think, at least for the moment, I'm still something of a romantic about reading for pleasure and will continue to buy dead trees.