March 20th, 2009


letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 118
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: N/A

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who had suggestions on last week's query wars post. I'm reading all the comments and figuring out ways to address those. Meanwhile, though, it's been an extremely busy week and so this week's entry will be on the short side. But I invite you to go and read Victoria Strauss' The Ultimate Queryfail about how she - not an agent or editor at all - sometimes still gets queried. Last summer, I had an intern for a few weeks and when he wanted to list our agency on his work history on an online site, I told him to go ahead. And he got an inquiry from someone asking for help in getting published. Just for the record, he not only no longer works as my intern, but isn't planning on going into publishing.

Also, thanks to Maya Reynolds for her rant, particularly "it's how you handle what luck throws at you that matters." (and that isn't dependent on whether it's good or bad luck) I agree with her: Life isn't fair. Why _should_ publishing be any different?