January 20th, 2009


impromptu and unscientific focus group for books

Somewhere in reading the large number of comments (all of which I certainly did not get through) on the various query-related posts several days back on different agent blogs, the idea of focus groups for consumer marketing came up, and it was suggested that publishers don't use them (though I know that some have). It was also suggested that editors and agents are out of touch with what book consumers really want (thought it could be argued that editors and agents may be one of the largest groups of those consumers, or at least, I know I am).

So, here's your chance to be part of an impromptu, and probably very unscientific, focus group (which will also not cost the mega-thousands that researching a new cereal would). Tell me in comments what kinds of novels I, as an ever-so-progressive agent, should be looking for, or something you'd snap up in an instant if you found it in the bookstore. Conversely, feel free to mention things you are tired nigh unto death of seeing in the bookstore.

Keep in mind the following caveat: I'm not looking for people to pitch their own books, here, but for suggestions as readers, not writers (though you could also be a writer who reads).