January 13th, 2009


link salad (client edition)

Cherie Priest pimps Weird Tales for the Hugo (for best Semi-Prozine). In more pimpage, there's a list of Mary Robinette Kowal's stories that are eligible here. And Jay Lake lists his 2008 stories here.

Laura Anne Gilman says things about the purpose of the editorial letter.

Elizabeth Bear posts about writing the Other. Jay Lake also has some thoughts on that topic.

And my "evil" step-client Sarah Monette dishes on character and voice.

Meanwhile, there's an interview at The Internet Review of Science Fiction by Jen West about Shadow Unit S1.

Mary Robinette Kowal's new column is up at AMC. This one's a Tour Guide to the Fantastical Planet Earth.

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be at Snowcon this weekend.

C.E. Murphy revisits the scene of the Stilton incident (which could be a new Ludlum novel but isn't) and talks about the perils of shopping and training her own personal shopper.

Alison Kent posts about reading challenges. And I am tempted but know that with the incoming queries, partials and manuscripts such a thing is far beyond my reach right now. I did read one book so far this year that was just for fun - Shannon Butcher's No Escape.