December 19th, 2008


letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week : 231
# of partials/manuscripts requested : 2
genre of partials/manuscripts requested : YA-fantasy (1), thriller (1)

Twas the Friday before Christmas and throughout the land
Agents were prepping for end of year plans
Manuscripts were piled in the office with care
In hopes that in January they'd still be found there
Long-delayed reading of much-recommended books
Was the plan for the holidays for these hard-working folks...

This is very likely to be the last letter of the year. Our office is officially closing on Christmas Eve, and re-opening on January 5th. Like many agents, I probably will fit in some reading over the holidays (at the moment I'm reading the new Dresden Files novel that comes out in April). Some of that reading may even be a book or two I've been saving up.

I hope everyone takes the time for some holiday cheer. Happy Holidays to everyone!