December 2nd, 2008


happy release day

meet major ariane kedros—daring pilot, decorated soldier, war criminal.

"Former USAF officer Reeve channels her flight experience into this crisp military SF debut. Major Ariane Kedros is a jaded N-space pilot who left the Armed Forces of the Consortium of Autonomous Worlds under the shadow of war crimes committed against the Terran Expansion League. Given a new identity to protect her from TEL retribution, she wanders around uncharted areas of space with her friend Matt Journey, seeking unusual artifacts and taking on occasional intelligence gigs for AFCAW. When several of her former crewmates are killed, Ariane is sent on a new undercover assignment that brings back haunting memories and puts her in considerable danger. Reeve drives the story at a breakneck pace, providing a fine mix of derring-do, honor and courage, and the familial bickering and affection of a close-knit crew." --Publishers Weekly

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