November 11th, 2008


from the mixed up files of Agent Manners - multiple submissions

Dear Miss Manners,

I've been invited to submit to some agents. Is it rude to submit to others as well as the ones I met?

Baffled in Buffalo

Dear Baffled:

Unless any agent has requested and been granted an exclusive, Agent Manners feels that there is no etiquette precluding multiple submissions. However, it is polite to inform the agents that others are also reviewing the materials. (Note: This is for requested partials and manuscripts; any agent who doesn't assume these days that queries are going out far and wide is living under a rock.)

Though it isn't spelled out in the question, Agent Manners presumes that the agents met were at a conference and the other agents would be approached via the query method, which resulted in requests for materials to be submitted. By all means, make the submissions. Just deal with everyone honestly and openly.