November 10th, 2008


in honor of this blog's fifth anniversary, Agent Manners is in....

This blog turned five yesterday! (You can see the very first entry here.) In honor of that (and getting below 150 queries in the queue this weekend - even though that only lasted until I opened my email program this morning), I bring you.....

Agent Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior

Welcome to this week's column hosted by Agent Manners. Today, readers can submit questions regarding etiquette when dealing with agents, whether it be the query process or meeting them face to face at a conference. In the spirit of it, they should be submitted in letter form beginning with "Dear Agent Manners" and signed with such things as "Confused in Alabama." Here are some examples from a previous Agent Manners column.

Only one letter per person, please. They should be posted in comments on this entry and may be submitted up until 10pm tonight EST. I will attempt to answer as many as my schedule allows (perhaps over the course of several days) but I reserve the right to pick and choose. I do not promise to be as pithy as the original Miss Manners (see below). Sense of humor required.

Dear Miss Manners:
Last night I ran into a classmate of mine whom I haven't seen in ten years. I know he's a writer now, but I didn't feel I could say anything about his new book because I haven't read it and he would be sure to find that out if I tried to talk about it. And yet I feel I should have said something, if only because he didn't mention what he was doing and seemed to be waiting for me to acknowledge that I knew, if you know what I mean. What is the right thing to say to an author when you honestly can't say "I loved your book" ?

Gentle Reader:
Few people, and no writers, have such high standards about compliments as to accept only those that will pass a rigourous test for veracity. Miss Manners experience is that an author will accept with joy any remark except "How many have you sold?" or "Did you know it's being remaindered now?" or "I'd love to read it--please send me a copy."

From Miss Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior by Judith Martin (Warner Books Trade Paper edition, p. 616)

link salad - client edition

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