November 3rd, 2008


vote. vote. vote.

I don't talk about politics on this blog. But, a friend alerted me the other day that my polling location may have moved due to the fact that there is a higher than expected turnout on the horizon. So, I checked, and it had, so I'm glad that I did. Because I am going to vote tomorrow.

Here's a useful link for finding out where your polling place will be -- just put in your whole address, zipcode included:

Go vote.

That is all.

queries and living the future

Sometimes I love living in the future. All the things that we can do online now can be so helpful and save so much time. Plus one can avoid the mall as much as possible for holiday shopping. And yet....

.... every week I am frustrated by the fact that when I answer email queries, I get some of my replies bounced back -- just now I got 5 "permanent fatal errors." Which means I can't send email to those people no matter how hard I try. Which means they may assume that I am being rude and not answering their query. In some cases I've tried more than once, hoping the problem would clear up after a few days. And who knows how many of the replies I sent out are going to get caught in spam filters. Just last week I got my reply bounced back because of "inappropriate content" -- and it was probably from the content of the sample pages, not the response I sent. The irony was that their ISP let them send it, but not receive it.

Now, granted, this tends to be only a small percentage, so most people will get a response.

Having no contol over the spam filter my own ISP uses, I'm sure that the other side of the fence may have the same issue in submitting queries too.

Weren't computers and the internet supposed to make things easier and simpler?