October 31st, 2008


letters from the query wars x 2 (Halloween Horror edition)

In honor of the day, the stats here are twice the horror.... Well, actually, the reason is that a conference last weekend ate up a couple days on either side of it and I didn't get the chance to post last week's stats. Without further ado:

# of queries read the previous week: 126
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0

# of queries read this last week: 102
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0

Lovely author Holly Black (who has a library that makes me ever-so envious) is afraid of zombies.

J.A. Konrath talks about the scariest thing that can happen to a writer, and admonishes people to do regular back-ups.

Agent Nathan Bransford is fleeing from NaNoWriMo (tongue in cheek, though, he says).

My current fear as an agent is that I will come to an untimely end -- or turn into a zombie to scare Holly -- before I manage to get the queries, partials, and manuscripts currently waiting to be read, under control. As the piles lurch about the office droning "brains.... brains....", I find them more of a terror than zombies!

What are you afraid of this Halloween? Maybe it will be what I carved to greet my local trick-or-treaters.....

Happy Halloween!