October 20th, 2008


link salad - client edition

Over on Jay Lake's blog, he's holding a poll for a Tuckerization in his next novel. I'm cheering for mcurry, currently in 2nd place, but there's lot of great entries. Go vote!

Sharon Lee has an interesting discussion going on her blog about speculative fiction vs. academia. I find this intriguing to some extent because I took an elective in science fiction literature back in high school. I read R.U.R. and Clarke's Childhood's End, and it was an early introduction into thinking about how the stories were put together and their themes and what they said, rather than just taking them at surface value.

Ken Scholes answers some questions about his upcoming novel: Lamentation, for fans on the B&N Book Club board.

Jena Snyder talks about the responsibility inherent in agreeing to book crit. And then C.E. Murphy discusses working on critiques for an upcoming conference, and the ever-popular issue of showing versus telling.

Martha Wells reports that she's going to be a featured author at Anthology Builder this month, which means a discount on any order with one of her stories in it. Go check it out.

Laura Anne Gilman wants to know what's in your reading room (by which she means what do you look at when you're, er..., indisposed). Would it be disturbing for me to admit that I have manuscripts in there? Or maybe that would be just too darn dedicated on my part. Honestly, I don't have any reading material at all standing by (though it's scattered around the rest of the place).

And, in a non-client reference, I read Jessica's post over at BookEnds and thought she was somehow talking about me at first.... 200 queries (yep), too many things in the reading pile (that too), contracts and correspondence (like the rock and Sisyphus), and taking time to have a life (going to do that soon, I hope - just have to figure out her angle on doing that guilt-free).