October 13th, 2008



This weekend at a small gathering of friends, I finally discovered who to blame for the question of which font to use: English composition courses and style handbooks. Believe it or not (and this explains how literarily geeky the crowd was) there was a debate about which style guide (Chicago, MLA, etc.) was best and which font to recommend to their students. It was at this point that I realized the source of my troubles. For many years, I have not had a preference concerning what font was used in submissions so long as it was readable (as one attendee put it, don't use the "Thriller" font with her and you'll be alright). And yet I find myself consistently asked this question at nearly every conference I attend. Now I know I can blame those courses where you actually lose points off your grade for using the "wrong" one. I'm here to tell you that you won't lose any points from me on a query for using a particular font. As long as I can read it without crossing my eyes.

Now, the point size of the font in question -- that's an altogether different issue....