September 19th, 2008


letters from the query wars - pirate version - arrrrrrr

# o' queries sent to Davy Jones locker this week: 194
# o' partials/manuscripts requested for the captain's cabin: 2
genres o' partials/manuscripts: general fiction (1), speculative fiction (1)

Avast, Scurvy Dogs:

'Tis been a busy week it has.... keel-hauling publishers and the like. If ye've noticed, the blog's been quiet as a ship graveyard. The crew's been 'ard at work and not very conversational. Perhaps a wee bit o' rum will loosen tongues and liven up the place. Or a weekend in the brig reading submissions. We hope to be makin' port soon, and see if Agent Manners will be willin' to grace us with her presence, so pray for fair weather and keep an eye out for Navy ships.