September 2nd, 2008


happy book release

Yesterday was the official release date for C.E. Murphy's Hands of Flame, as well as Anna Leonard's The Night Serpent, but since it was a holiday, I'm listing those today as well. And today is the official release date for Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Duainfey (though it's already been sighted at numerous locations previously).

Hands of Flame (The Negotiator, Book 3) by C.E. Murphy. War has erupted among the five Old Races, and Margrit is responsible for the death that caused it. Now New York City's most unusual lawyer finds herself facing her toughest negotiation yet. And with her gargoyle lover, Alban, taken prisoner, Margrit's only allies—a dragon bitter about his fall, a vampire determined to hold his standing at any cost and a mortal detective with no idea what he's up against—have demands of their own. Determined to rescue Alban and torn between conflicting loyalties as the battle seeps into the human world, Margrit soon realizes the only way out is through the fire.…

"A refreshing addtion to the urban fantasy landscape." Publishers Weekly on Heart of Stone (the first book in the Negotiator series)

The Night Serpent (Silhouette Nocturne) by Anna Leonard. All her life Lily Malkin has been plagued by nightmares she can never quite remember. Nightmares that haunt her with glimpses of past lives and past betrayals. And lately, the nightmares—and the memories—have gotten worse. A shadowy figure that destroyed her once before is closing in. The Night Serpent's grisly, ritualistic cat killings bring Special Agent Jon T. Patrick to town. But it's Lily—the intriguing "Cat Whisperer" brought in to help solve the case—who makes him want to stay. Their passion is electric…and dangerous. Because Jon isn't the only one watching Lily. And as the Night Serpent begins his final strike, the stakes are raised for a battle to the death.

"In Anna Leonard's The Night Serpent (4 stars), a myth based in ancient Egypt and strong characters take readers through a plot that's convincingly realistic in spite of its supernatural elements. Lily's nightmare visions are vivid and well-detailed." - Romantic Times

Duainfeyby Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. "In a world separated by a thin border from the lands of the Fey, Rebecca Beauvelley knows that for her younger sister Caroline to make a marriage beneficial to their family, a husband must soon be found for Rebecca, despite her crippled and useless arm. When her father betroths her to a cruel northern lord, she runs away with the charming elder Fey Altamire. Too late, Rebecca discovers that Altamire's intentions are far from honorable and that she has become a sexual pawn in his rise to power among the Fey and human lands. The husband-and-wife writing team, authors of the "Liaden Universe" series (e.g., I Dare), begin a new series that blends the fantasy and romance genres in one seamless whole." - Library Journal

also available today....

Dreamcatcher by Anna Leonard (from the Nocturne eBites program).

You’re mine. All mine. I will consume you, piece by piece, and I will never be done...

Emma awakened each morning feeling increasingly exhausted and weak, as though she was slowly being drained of life. And rather than reviving her, sleep seemed to deplete her further. Most disturbing of all was the voice she heard in her dreams threatening to consume her until nothing was left.

With his pale, translucent skin and deep, dark eyes, there was something unearthly about Matthew, the Home Health Aid hired by Emma’s dad, but somehow he inspired Emma’s trust. So when he asked her permission to use his powers to help her, she gave it willingly. Suddenly he was appearing in her dreams...making love to her...filling her with newfound strength. But in the light of day, Emma was conflicted. Who...or what...had she permitted to enter her dreams...and what did he want from her?