August 4th, 2008


query wars: report from the front

Why there were no query wars last week: I was at the RWA National conference.

I headed out to San Francisco on Tuesday the 29th, and flew back last night (and, boy, are my arms tired.... thank you, thank you -- I'll be here all week), arriving at home sweet home around 1:30ish AM local time. I read no queries while I was on this trip, as I was meeting with clients and editors and only in my hotel room to sleep, or change for the Harlequin party or the RITAs. Maybe I'll have time to write up a full report sometime this week.

# of e-queries in my account when I left (as of end of business Monday the 28th): 166
# of e-queries now in my account: 295 (to which I say: "bring it" and the chorus replies.... "it has been broughten")

I haven't counted the snailmail ones. I hope to start chipping away at things, but will also be on vacation later this month, so things may not be back up to my regular level of speed until after that. Thanks for your patience while I review these and look for the next story to fall in love with....


I am also woefully behind on the blogosphere and could certainly appreciate links to articles of interest that cover the last week or so. Please leave them in comments on this entry. Thanks!