July 23rd, 2008


not a query

I just got something that wasn't a query at all. It was someone wanting to know if I would read their book and review it on my blog. How unexpected (to me anyway -- maybe I shouldn't be so surprised?). And somehow surreal. So, I had to write them back and tell them that I didn't really review books on my blog and the books I tended to promote were by my clients.

Meanwhile, blogging is likely to be a bit light over the next few weeks. Between conferences, I find myself juggling to a great degree, and it appears that blogging falls low on the triage list. And substantive blogging even lower (or perhaps that's a function of being too busy to hear myself think). I will try to keep up with at least the query wars. And I'll plan another Agent Manners session once things get a bit calmer. Thanks everyone for reading and hanging out here. I particularly appreciated all the comments on the right agent, the right author entry.

Feel free to let me know if there are other topics or features you want to see addressed when I have the opportunity to post entries with more depth.