July 16th, 2008


query monkey

with apologies to jonathan coulton

query monkey get up get hot tea*
query monkey go to job
have boring meeting with boring manager** Jennifer
Jennifer say query monkey very diligent
but his output stink
his rejection letters not functional or elegant
what do query monkey think
query monkey think maybe manager want to read goddamn manuscripts herself
query monkey not say it out loud
query monkey not crazy just proud

*preferred in this office to coffee -- or if it's evening, then the drink would be single malt
**made worse by the fact that I apparently play the role of both query monkey -and- manager in this scene

blame goes to jimbutcher (who introduced me to the song via youtube), mcurry (because it's really his tendecy to rip off these things) and matociquala + truepenny (who encouraged me last night to go ahead and post this)

this has been an exceedingly crunchy week so far but I've already squeezed in about 90 queries (still more to go!), and working on scheduling for RWA as well as all the usual things (e.g. marketing, correspondence, etc.) which isn't leaving much time for my journal. hence, filking of a sort.... (though I'm not very good at it -- I think letterz from teh query warz - lolcat version was a better attempt at a send-up)