July 2nd, 2008



Thanks everyone for the comments on commenting yesterday. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who found it ironic that I ended up with so many on that particular post. It was interesting to see what people thought. I don't tend to actually think about comments when I'm writing, so maybe that explains it too.

In any case.... had a curious thing happen. People respond to my responses to queries all the time. Every week there's a handful of "thanks for your time" or "thanks for your feedback." I certainly don't mind those -- nor, do I think they are a requirement. But, when they are courteous, they are pleasant. When they are not, or if they are downright insulting (e.g. you wouldn't know a commercial novel if it walked up and smacked your momma), then.... they are not so nice. But I had a new one happen this week.

I sent my response declining the query on the basis that I was not excited about the idea. I tried to be straightforward but polite. In response, the person sent me their entire manuscript - as an attachment - with the suggestion that I just read it anyway and let them know where I stopped. I was taken aback. I wonder if when they ask a girl if they can buy her a drink, and she says no, do they order a pitcher delivered to the table? Doesn't no still mean no? In any case, I was uncertain what to do, and certainly wasn't going to open an unsolicited attachment. And I suspected if I emailed them back to explain why I wasn't going to read it, they'd just keep after me. So, I ended up deciding that I should just delete it, so I did. What would you have done?

Author/Agent Dialogue Series

My friend, agent Lucienne Diver, is having a dialogue with her client, David Coe, over on her blog. It starts with their want ads. These were fun, and now I wonder how mine would read....

Their exchange continues here (where David talks about what he gets out of the relationship besides just deals and negotiation) and here (where Lucienne discusses things writers should keep in mind to keep the relationship going strong). And it looks like they are taking questions in comments, so go on over and ask away!

I've been wondering about client interviews myself, but haven't worked my head around how I want to do the format or who to start with (maybe I'd have to do a poll).