June 11th, 2008


guide to blog?

So... I've been getting Agent Manners letters posted as comments in a few scattered locations, and not just when I offer to do the column. I don't mind that they are showing up, per se, but I usually only do the column when I'm not crazy busy (as I am right now -- and I should move on to the editorial letter that was next in line after the contract I just did, so I can make my paperwork pile shorter, so I'll keep this brief).

It was suggested to me last night by the Official Sidekick, that perhaps this blog had reached the point where it needed an FAQ or some sort of guide. I was thinking I could include things like instructions for how Agent Manners runs, a link to submission guidelines, and perhaps links to some really well-received (like letterz from teh query warz - lolcat version or chock-full-of-info (advances - what they are really made of) posts. The thing is that the blog is coming up on 5 years (I can't believe that!) and has over 600 entries, so I'd love a little help in identifying those posts, or any suggestions about what else I should include.

Is this a worthwhile endeavor?