June 9th, 2008


belated letter from the query wars

Last week's letter from the query wars was delayed due to a small skirmish with a long weekend, which meant I was out of the office on Thursday and Friday and without the time to get online. This also means that I haven't read LJ or any other blogs since Wednesday....

However, here's the stats, much lower than usual since I was away:

# of queries read: 38
# of partials requested: 1
genre of partial reqeusted: romance (specifically, paranormal)

I am now quite behind on queries but have only managed to read 8 so far today. (Currently, I am bemused by the person who pasted their entire query into the subject line where they also had the "Dear Ms. xxxx" to another agent.) I'm going to try and get them back on track by the end of the week, but Monday triage dictated reviewing a contract and getting two new projects out to market. I am *so* excited about both of these projects - one is a fantasy novel and the other is a romantic suspense series. Both are by two of my new clients that I signed up earlier this year.