May 16th, 2008


letters from the query wars

# of queries read: 86
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0
genres of partials/manuscripts requested: N/A

This week's pet peeves:

* people who don't send the first five sample pages with their query, as requested in our guidelines
* over 200K lengths for first novels in a series
* people who sign with other agents and don't bother to inform you before you spend time reviewing their material
* people who take months, or even years, after you request material to submit it and then start emailing you for a response within a week or two of receipt
* people who reply to friends of mine like this: - "I received a rude email in response, telling me that I clearly did not read her query letter. Offended, I told the author that this was my subjective opinion and that she should not take it personally. She wrote again, telling me to grow up." This also happens to me on an almost weekly basis, I kid you not.