May 2nd, 2008


letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 79
# of partials requested: 1
genre of partial requested: YA

Dear Queriers:

Ironically as several of my clients were rejoicing and sending notes of congratulations to both myself and the author (thanks!), a number of other people seemed to view my announcement of a new client this week with trepidation. A sort of half-empty thing, it seemed to me, in which they were projecting that I was filling up my list and would soon have no room for more. I quote from our website: "Our list is always tight, but never totally full." So far, that's been true. I have always managed to find room for an author with the story and talent to keep me up late at night. I imagine there is some logistical upper limit but I don't feel near it yet.

Actually, until last Fall or so, I had been having a very slow time of finding new material that sang to me. I don't know what exactly unstoppered the block, but the quality of submissions I'm getting has been much higher. Based on my tracking, I've requested a higher number of submissions at this point in the year than the same time last year. This either means that I'm an easier mark this year (unlikely) or I'm getting more submissions that are right for me and targeted to me and of better overall quality. So, I viewed my comment of wondering which would be the 7th novel this year to knock me over the head and drag me back to its cave from a half-full perspective.

In Search of #7