April 16th, 2008


happy release day - Dresden Files comic book!

The first issue of the Dresden Files graphic novel, Welcome to the Jungle, is now available! Use Diamond's Comic Shop Locator tool to find the store nearest you!

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle #1 (of 4)

Written by Jim Butcher
Pencils Ardian Syaif
Inks by Joe Pimentel (Amazing Spider-Man)
Covers by Ardian Syaif and Chris McGrath

Harry Dresden is on the case again, this time investigating a brutal mauling at the Lincoln Park Zoo that has left a security guard dead, and many questions unanswered. But Dresden isn't a private detective, looking for a murderer: he's a wizard, with the ability to interact with the magical world around our own, and to see that there's much more to this case than a simple animal attack. As Dresden begins to hunt for clues to figure out who is really behind this crime, he finds himself next on the victims list.

Written exclusively for comics by New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle is a brand new story set in the world of the wildly popular sci-fi series of novels, The Dresden Files, that's sure to enchant readers with a blend of gripping mystery and fantastic adventure! (And it's the first comic book I agented, too.) There are two editions of this one with different covers, but I haven't turned up the Chris McGrath one as yet, though I found his covers for issues #2 and #3.

Jim Butcher will be attending Comicon in New York this weekend and will be available at the Dabel Brothers booth to sign copies.

from the mixed up files of Agent Manners - to SASE or not to SASE, that is the question

I am working on getting my first book published. I've recieved about 15 rejections that have been very brief, offering no useful information on how to fix my manuscript. I was considering forgoing the SASE, thinking that if the agent liked my work s/he would email me and ask for it. Is this going to cause me trouble?

Dear Anonymous:

Unfortunately, Agent Manners must point out that you did not follow instructions in submitting your question. Nonetheless an answer will be provided. However, it appears that it may take the form of an admonition to follow instructions.

If an agent asks for queries by mail, then, yes, do include an SASE, or it is entirely likely that you will not receive a reply at all. Regardless of how backwards that may seem in this day and age, it's a policy many agencies subscribe to. On the other hand, you can send a submission by email instead, but only if the agency in question actually states in their guidelines that they are open to electronic submissions. Just by checking submission guidelines and following them, your query will stand out. So very many seem to not do one jot of homework in this regard.

Unfortunately, most rejections will be brief and rarely helpful in any specific way. This is regretfully due to the volume of submissions received.