April 8th, 2008



Literary agents don't take sick days. They take reading days.

One pile o' manuscripts - check.
One warm blanket - check.
Lots o' tea - check.

update on ailing lit agent - plus Agent Manners returns

Much reading and many cups of tea (first some raspberry black tea, then some lemon, then some golden monkey) later....

The universe seems to have bowed to everyone's will that I feel better (thanks, all!) and taking most of the day to read and drink liquids seems to have done the trick. Or I'm the one who is tricked. But in any case, I did finish reading a manuscript that I really liked (and will be hopefully emailing the author with some revision ideas to see if we agree) and also a client proposal that I adored and will be working on getting out to market. (That's the interesting thing about getting reading done -- it generates more work!) Plus a few other things that have been languishing and needed attention. Very productive for a sick-day, I'd say.

To celebrate my miraculous recovery (or stave off a relapse), I'll make tomorrow a Q&A (also since Tyhitia, she of many comments, hinted on Friday that she wanted one). So, tomorrow Agent Manners is in. Send your questions via comments on this entry. We'll talk about queries and submissions etiquette, conferences (since I just went to one - but there's this great post on BookEnds I just read, too), the business of publishing, and "other stuff you want to know about literary agents/agenting." I may not answer each and every question individually but I'll try to cover all the topics in subsequent posts.

For anyone who hasn't seen Agent Manners before -- please go read this entry: http://arcaedia.livejournal.com/119328.html, which details the appropriate (and mannerly) way to submit questions.