March 31st, 2008


what I did on my (summer vacation) weekend

There was no letters from the query wars on Friday because I was at a conference. I did manage to read 49 queries last week and the reason the number is so low is because I left on Thursday for said conference. So....

# of queries read last week: 49
# of partials requested: 0

At the conference, I....

* was on a panel with two other agents for the traditional introduction and Q&A
* did a workshop on finding the right agent
* conducted 33 one-on-one author pitch sessions (plus random hallway and meal conversations)
* asked for approximately 1300 pages in reading material (!!!)
* was bribed with dark chocolate
* discovered yet another restaurant that could not deliver an Old Fashioned to me (no bitters!)
* was reassured that I, do indeed, have a sense of humor

The travel portion could have been better, but luckily I am not John Scalzi and it also could have been a lot worse. I did arrive on Thursday a bit over 5 hours later than originally scheduled and everything was closed on the main drag which was quite depressing because I had wanted to try the Afghan restaurant. I got somewhat "lucky" yesterday and though my initial flight was canceled while I was sitting in the airport, they put me on the earlier flight which was a bit over 2 hours delayed and I ended up making my connection which was only 40 minutes late. Still, I got home around midnight and I am beat.

There was a contract waiting in my fax machine and a lot of new queries waiting in my email. I have emails from clients, too, and a new manuscript to get out to market. The fact that there are 3 full manuscripts and 6 partials from potential clients plus 9 client manuscripts (will soon be 10) and 3 client partials in my TBR pile makes me feel a bit intimidated by the 1300+ pages I requested at the conference. Here's hoping everyone will be patient with me as I sort it all out and get back on track. (I know, I know. Woe is me. Suck it up and get back to work, Jackson.)

That's one of the things about conferences that I find the most difficult. Between the time spent at the conference, the prep before and the recovery after (especially when travel is so exhausting), those couple of days tend to leave me feeling about a week behind. But I also tend to come home with a renewed sense of the creativity and passion that the writers have, which translates itself to reconnecting to the why not the wherefore of being an agent.