March 26th, 2008


Agent Jonathan Lyons talks about agents and blogging

From the mouth of the Lyons:

Just like any profession, a few bad apples can damage the reputation of the entire field, and so it seems that a few bad agents and their bad blogs have injured some writers' opinions of agents as a whole. I can only ask that you try to keep the same perspective I do when I read queries. I get a few queries every day from people who clearly spent no time researching either me or the industry. I also am the subject of abuse from aspiring writers all the time because I've reached the personal and subjective decision that I don't want to represent their work. However, I don't let the bad spoil my view of the good.

So true. Something for me to keep in mind. Those handful of people who react badly to my responses to their query or rejection of their work are probably the people who blame others for anything that isn't working in their life rather than the people who learn and grow. It's the latter that I want to encourage. I am always looking for the next project that resonates with me. Why let a few bad apples ruin a journey full of discovery....