March 11th, 2008


happy release day

Now available: Patricia Rosemoor's latest McKenna Legacy book, In Name Only? (You can read an excerpt on her website.)

Dark-haired and distinguished, Michael Eagan caught everyone’s eye, but none more so than Flanna McKenna. Even Flanna’s parents couldn’t resist playing matchmaker, desiring nothing more than a son-in-law to continue their heritage. But Michael was really an investigator out to catch a thief, in her life by design. Yet the fire he ignited in Flanna led her to accept his proposition of a mock marriage.

It started as an arrangement of convenience, but Michael’s rough charms were nothing compared to the magic Flanna spun. After all, it was her legacy…

"Patricia Rosemoor's soothing pace fits in well with her lyrical Irish dialogue and fascinating myth-making. In Name Only? (4.5) is a first-rate, old-fashioned paranormal mystery with gothic overtones." --Romantic Times

blog block

I think I am having blog block. Link salads, publications, and letters from the query wars are all very well and good I suppose, but I need some new content. So, I'll take suggestions for topics and or questions to answer (if you posted one before that didn't get answered, feel free to bring it up again) in comments and hope that helps jog loose a few things....
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bon mot

Agent: Are you ready to read queries?!?!?
Official Sidekick: I was born ready. I just didn't know it.
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