March 3rd, 2008


link salad (client edition)

* Free Fiction: Jay Lake offers "The Angel's Daughter". At 1,200 words, this originally appeared in the August, 2004 issue of Realms of Fantasy, then was reprinted in Fantasy: The Best of 2004. Jay says: "If you like the story, please consider subscribing to Realms of Fantasy."

* Laura Anne Gilman will be at Lunacon. She reports her panel schedule here.

* Ekaterina Sedia posts the cover art for her forthcoming (in June) novel, The Alchemy Of Stone.

* Kristine Smith's latest post at group blog SF Novelists: she talks about deadlines and the ways your brain can trick you.

* Anne Bishop explains what inspired Tangled Webs, the latest novel in her Black Jewels series.

* Kameron Hurley on keeping your writing weird enough.

* Alison Kent talks about her writing and its related food cravings. And, courtesy of myself and more clients, some recipes: Rabbit Stifado (me), Red Wine Risotto with Beef and Pignoli (Laura Anne Gilman), Cabbage Unrolls (Jena Snyder).