February 15th, 2008


letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 123
# of requests: 0

Have now read all queries received prior to the 7th of this month -- replies will be done by the end of business today.

Youngest query-er this week: 10 years old (on the older side, someone had grand-children but didn't specify their age) -- I am getting an increasing number of queries from young people. Some of them are more articulate than the adult queries.

Yes, it's true. Nothing grabbed me hard enough this week to add it to my reading queue. So far this year I've asked for 12 partials and 2 full manuscripts out of over 800 queries. I've signed 3 new clients. Today's message is.... don't give up. I know that each rejection, whether form or otherwise, can shake your confidence, or even make you bitter and/or angry. I'm not telling you not to feel that way. You're perfectly entitled to it. But don't let it fester and generate negativity. Listen, and then get back on the horse and keep on. Here's why: In 2004, I read a partial by an author. And turned it down. (I have a note that I may have read earlier submissions from this author as well.) In the Spring of 2007, I requested a partial for a different manscript from this author. And.... asked for the full manuscript, which I read in September and signed up in October. And for which I am currently negotiating a deal.
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Brenda Novak's annual auction for Diabetes

Every year, author Brenda Novak holds an auction to raise money for Diabetes Research. You can read more about it here. This year I am contributing a reading of a proposal followed by a drinks date at RWA National to discuss same. RWA National is taking place in San Francisco at the end of July.

Bidding starts on May 1st. It starts at the bargain basement price of $2. There are lots of other great things over there. I'll try to post a reminder when bidding opens.