February 14th, 2008


power to the people

I had one of the strangest things ever happen to a book by one of my clients recently. B&N cancelled their shipment order. I've yet to find out the reason but a little bird told me that there was a new buyer. Imagine the power. That one person can decide whether this book gets carried by the biggest brick-n-mortar chain. You can write the best book, have a great agent, and a marvelous editor and still get cut off at the knees right out of the gate. Is this fair? (I would say, um... no, no it's not.)

Well, the author and I were brainstorming ways to get the book on readers radar regardless and she's going to attempt to get some more traction in the blogosphere. You can see the first of hopefully many reviews here: http://thecompulsivereader.blogspot.com/2008/02/manderley-prep-bff-novel-by-carol.html

ETA: And here's another review from a site where all the reviews are written for YA by YA: http://www.flamingnet.com/blog/2007/09/manderley-prep-by-carol-culver.html

Earlier this week, I went and special-ordered the book myself in my local B&N. It's available through the usual distributor so it can still be gotten -- it's just not on the shelves, killing possibly 1/3 of the novel's potential brick-n-mortar sales. I thought it be would just lovely if bunches of people would do the same. And that's a real grass roots effort and would show whether the power was with the single buyer for the chain or the fans of the genre who could band together. Any takers? The book is Manderley Prep: A BFF Novel (and if you can't order it from your local B&N, Amazon can just show them a thing or two).

I mean, not everyone can get a full-page ad in PW (like this week's page 7 for another book by one of my clients!). BTW, I will be on a panel at RWA National this summer with both of these clients at once -- and we'll see what a difference such things can make. We could make an entire panel topic out of just that, I'm sure!

And just to be sure you all understand that this is not a self-serving gesture.... I was not the agent-of-record for this book. The contract pre-dates my work with this author, so I will not be seeing any of the potential royalties (except, I suppose, that if this series finds its feet, I will perhaps be the agent for the next, which is a really great idea that I'm just getting out to editors).
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