February 11th, 2008


link salad (client edition)

* Ekaterina Sedia AKA squirrel_monkey suggests we need more mothers in SF/F: "Much has been said about sexism and misogyny in fantasy and SF, and there are quite a few books with strong female protagonists. So it is doubly puzzling that it is the father/father figure who more often than not provide meaningful interaction and plot tension, while the mother is pushed to the background or conveniently dead."

* jaylake offers a recording of his reading of his story "Arrange the Bones." At 1,000 words, this originally appeared in Say...Was that a Kiss? back in 2002, then was reprinted by Prime Books in his 2004 collection, Dogs In The Moonlight .

* pbray has updated her website with a free excerpt from The Final Sacrifice.

* "Living alone in a garret and bleeding all over your pages while slowly starving to death or dying of consumption sounds a lot more romantic than it actually is." -- Kameron Hurley's response to a post John Scalzi made concerning unasked for advice to New Writers about Money. John is (regrettably) not a client of mine, but this is an awfully useful post, even if he breaks the curve on writing income considerably. This particularly resonated with me as an agent, both for my own commissions and because of the amount of my job it defines: "The full-time writing life isn’t about writing full-time; it’s about a full-time quest to get paid for your writing, both in selling the work, and then (alas) in collecting what you are owed. It’s not romantic; it’s a pain in the ass." And I'm thinking that many people could do well to take his advice about "don't have the cash, then you can't have it" whether they are writers or not. And writers should particularly pay attention to section 10: "Writing is a business. Act like it." (I suspect that last bit would get me quite an "Amen" from the Agent Hallelujah Chorus.)