January 25th, 2008


link salad (client edition) plus bonus what DMLA is looking for now

What We're Looking For this Month: the agents at DMLA expand on their individual 2008 wish-lists (which obviously don't include that perfect novel that we havent realized we desperately want)

Earlier this week, Jay Lake had some thoughts about forward-thinking as it related to accepting or declining a deal.

Lori Avocato on her transformation from nurse to writer and tips on life transitioning
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this week's query round-up

# of queries read this week: 193
# of partials requested: 2
genres of partials requested: speculative fiction (1), romance-historical (1)

I have now read queries up to and including those that arrived on my desk by the 15th of this month. If you're sure yours arrived before that date, and you don't have my response by email or snailmail by the middle of next week (they'll be going out by end of business today), it either (1) got lost in the mail/ether, or (2) didn't include an SASE/bounced back.

Things I really hated about queries this week: 4-point type-sizes (I kid you not, she said blindly); pink italic html (yes, pink).
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