January 22nd, 2008


attending conferences and writing retreats

Most conference coordinators contact agents at least a year (sometimes more) ahead to schedule appearances. For various reasons the last couple of years, I've been somewhat off the conference circuit. So, I'm looking for suggestions of conferences to contact. What I look for in a conference is a program that focuses on both craft and marketability and a group the educates its members about the business of publishing as well as constructively supports them in the competition to make that dream a reality. I'm looking to connect with writers as people (not just a volume of queries) and to find talented voices to round out my client list. Over the years, I've attended quite a large number of conferences. Extra points to conferences that take me to a location I haven't visited before (especially if it has good restaurants or a culinary school across the street like Sleuthfest did), or that don't necessarily involve dealing with the TSA.

I'm going to list below my favorites (and realize I've been tending towards the retreats of late) to give an example of the kind of thing I'm looking for:

Pikes Peak Writers
Seton Hill - Writing Popular Fiction
Washington Romance Writers Retreat (D.C.)
Whidbey Island Writers Conference
Writers Retreat Workshop

I also often attend RWA National, World Fantasy, and this year I plan on making it to my first Bouchercon. Sometime I'd like to be invited to a program like the Odyssey Writing Workshop.

In other conference news, I've just been notified that the two panel proposals for this year's RWA have been accepted. I'll be appearing with Shelley Adina, Carol Culver, and Kelly Para to discuss "10 Things We Love About Writing YA Romance," and will also join a number of other agents for "TAKE FIVE! The Agent Cartel Reveals Its Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom for Career Success."
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