January 21st, 2008


struck me as amusing....

...when I logged into my work email this morning to find Amazon had sent me a recommendation that I should buy Jim Butcher's Captain's Fury (Codex Alera Book 4) based on my previous purchase record. Hee.
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    The Moon Seven Times - You Look Past Me

new client

I am thrilled to welcome Ekaterina Sedia to the list. Her blog http://fishmonkey.blogspot.com/ is now on the side-bar. I picked up her book The Secret History of Moscow on the recommendation of Jay Lake (curse you Jay!) and shortly thereafter also got the opportunity to read some newer work.

This makes 2 new clients already this year. I only signed 6 total last year, so I'm not sure what kind of portent this might prove to be. I do know I will never run out of things to read. And since I also have asked for 7 partials already this year, I'm beginning to suspect I might just be on the prowl. I'm not sure where all this excess energy is coming from but I plan on enjoying it while it lasts.